Range Garland

RANGE 36 IN 6 OVEN GAS Garland.jpg
RANGE 36 IN 6 OVEN GAS Garland.jpg

Range Garland


Description: 36’’ restaurant range with standard, convection oven or storage base, stainless steel backguard and removeable stainless steel shelf

Available Model

G36-6T 6 Open-top Burners with Modular Top

G36-6S 6 Open-top Burners with Storage Base

G36-6R 6 Open-top Burners with Standard/Convection oven

G36-4G12R 4 Open-top Burners + 12’’ Griddle with 26’’ Standard/Convection oven

G36-2G24R 2 Open-top Burners + 24’’ Griddle with 26’’ Standard/Convection Oven

Available in Natural or Propane Gas

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