Portion Control Disher Color Coded Vollrath


Portion Control Disher Color Coded Vollrath


Material Stainless Steel

Description Molded one-piece handle improves durability, makes cleaning easy and prevents handle from coming apart, coating has antimicrobial property for food safety, extended grooved handle provides a sure grip for comfortable use, handle color-coding for no-guess size selection, blade extends beyond bowl to prevent sticking

Available Models

 47139   White size 6 capacity 157.7ml bowl 7.9cm length 25cm
 47140   Gray   size 8   capacity 118.3ml   bowl 7.1cm   length 24.3cm 
 47141    Ivory  size 10 capacity 96.1ml  bowl 6.7cm   length 23.8cm 
 47142   Green  size 12  capacity 78.9ml  bowl 6.2cm   length 23.3cm 
 47143   Dark Blue  size 16  capacity 59.1ml  bowl 5.6cm  length 22.8cm
 47144   Yellow  size 20  capacity 48.1ml  bowl  5.2cm  length22.3cm 
 47145   Red   size 24   capacity 39.4ml  bowl 4.8cm  length 22cm 
 47146   Black size 30  capacity 29.6ml  bowl 4.4cm  length 21.6cm 
 47147   Orchid  size 40  capacity 22.2ml  bowl 4cm  length 21.1cm 


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