Stock Pot Aluminium Thermalloy by Browne

 Style: "Bern TC4"
 Style: "Bern TC4"

Stock Pot Aluminium Thermalloy by Browne


Material: Aluminium
Description: Lustrous satin finish, covers are 10 mm gauge and securely fastened by heavy-duty rivets. Sold separately. Oversized handles securely fastened with 4 heavy-duty rivets, durable aluminium construction guarantees even heating across the bottom. 

Available Models:

5813112 12QT
5813116 16QT
5813120 20QT
5813124 24QT
5813132 32QT
5813140 40QT
5813160 60QT
5813180 80QT



5815012 for 12QT
5815016 for 16QT
5815020 for 20QT
5815024 for 24QT
5815032 for 32QT
5815040 for 40QT
5815060 for 60QT

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