Poly Rounds Containers Cambro


Poly Rounds Containers Cambro


Material Polyethylene

Description Use to store ingredients or transport ready-to-serve or partially prepared foods.Round shape promotes proper air circulation around the container.
Easy to read imprinted graduations on the outside for inventory at a glance.Molded-in holes in the handles for quick and sanitary drying.
Snap on covers fit tightly, yet can be easily removed.Made of impact, stain and chemical resistant solid white plastic.
Withstands temperatures from -40°F to 160°F (-40°C - 70°C).NSF listed.

Available Models

RFS1WHT   1 QT  Top Diameter 5.9in   Height (with Cover) 5in 

RFS2WHT   2 QT  Top Diameter 8.2in   Height (with Cover) 4.4in     
RFS4WHT   4 QT  Top Diameter 8.2in   Height (with Cover) 8.6in 
RFS6WHT   6 QT  Top Diameter 9.92in  Height (with Cover) 7.95in 
RFS8WHT   8 QT  Top Diameter 9.92in  Height (with Cover) 10.86in 
RFS12WHT  12 QT Top Diameter 14.88in Height (with Cover) 8.38in 
RFS18WHT  18 QT Top Diameter 14.88in Height (with Cover) 12in 
RFS22WHT  22 QT Top Diameter 37.8in  Height (with Cover) 15in 

RFSC1    Fits 1 QT     
RFSC2    Fits 2 QT 4 QT     
RFSC6    Fits 6 QT 8QT     
RFSC12  Fits 12QT 18QT 22QT 

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