Fast Food Tray Cambro


Fast Food Tray Cambro


Material polypropylene


Perfect for self-serve, quick-serve dining in schools, colleges or restaurants. Made of highly durable, long lasting polypropylene. Attractively textured surface hides scratches.


Available Models

1014FFBLK    Black   13 9/16in x 10 7/16in 
1014FFBRN   Brown  13 9/16in x 10 7/16in 

1216FFBLK    Black   16 1/8in x 11 7/8in 
1216FFBRN   Brown  16 1/8in x 11 7/8in
1216FFRED   Red      16 1/8in x 11 7/8in

1418FFBLK    Black   17 3/4in x 13 13/16in 
1418FFBRN   Brown  17 3/4in x 13 13/16in
1418FFRED   Red      17 3/4in x 13 13/16in  


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